November 01, 2013

AFTER 2000

With all this fucking 90s nostalgia, all I can think of, is how great the 90s were: this is so ironic considering, the oldest I was in the 90s was 4 and even then, I only have memories of my mum in levis when her tiny leather backpack getting stolen from her in Rathbone Market. To say the least, the 90s didn't really define me personally which makes me question this resurgence.

Interning at TimeOut, I came across some old issues of the revolutionary i-D magazine. Oddly à la mode androgynous content, lots of nudity (courtesy of advertorials and i-D's own fashion photography), rough art and the raw qualities of 90s fashion.

Then we get to 2000. I picked up three issues - April, May and June 1999.  But then we get to 2000. The front cover is hi-res and vibrant, it has an age-d quality to it featuring Gisele Bundchen and the content is borderline timeless as the photography in the issue could easily slide into a 2013 copy of i-D.

I felt a rebellious spirit fade and instead, be replaced by a spirit of sexual maturity, "grow up you slags" - type thing.

Earlier editions of i-D made Yohji Yamamoto,  and Helmut Lang "finest cotton armbags since 1997", seem approachable, et pour chacun. Calvin Klein looked like great underwear on a girl getting undressed... Chanel pumps, Christian Louboutin heels and Prada sandals, looked approachable, shot on the rooftop of a 'Universal House' the home of a 45 year old listing magazine, alongside Facteur Celeste and YMC (crazy feet sandals). It's like a division occurred after 2000.

What's next?

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