December 20, 2013


I've revolted against my own logic. Thrifting has not been done for a good few months now and I think I am becoming bored by the retro. The styles of the past are in a swing that is very full. All the minimalism, the logos, the denim, the tartan, screams 90s and it is probably time that we stop 90s-ing everything.

New addition to my shoe closet are my first pair of 'colour trainers'. They are the perfect mix of the most timeless and utile materials - with a leather, suede and PU mix - but are also a cute shape, style and colour. Probably one of the key boasts of Air Max 1s/90s, is the colourways which have been expanded to glow in the dark and to feature the confederate flag: getting these in black could suck the life out of the design concept.

Uniqlo turtleneck Carhartt hat Mini skirt by me Nike+ worn with Nike jacket

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