January 10, 2014


Jimi Hendrix was arguably the greatest guitarist who ever lived, but what do I know about him? His infamous Woodstock performance could be summed up for me with two phrases: “sex face” and “energy”. The energy was excellent but it was a pity I couldn’t relate to the audience who peacefully sat in the electric atmosphere swaying: maybe I was confused by the lack of mobile phones, digital cameras, iPads etc, waving in the air during the performance.

Kanye West’s repetition that “we the new rockstars” has undoubtedly left me pondering on the style and aesthetics of rock’n’roll. The sentiments of sex face and energy was splashed across LC:M. 

Mens fashion week was saturated with the roll: political messages, passion and punk particularly caught my eye. 

Everything in Menswear seems 85 million times more wearable. Even the most extravagant of prints are complimented but not exaggerated by the tailored garments they sit on, a contrast to womenswear.

Long live menswear.
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