February 16, 2014


Growing up I was forced to watch Naruto and Dragonball Z thanks to my older brother's love of the shows but coming to appreciate the cartoon art form has left me in a kind of obsessive state of the style that maybe bloomed from it.

These trainers were for me instantly captivating and were the last pair from a particular ebay seller, with a solid 4 inch platform, they are surprisingly comfortable and as of yet, I have not fallen flat on my face in them (yay).

In the meantime Japanese style and art and all the other beautifulness will continue to reign while I continue to clonk around at a comfortable 5'9" in these sneakers. 

It was unanimous after a consultation with style guru @helloimkirstythat Motelrocks were correct to decorate clothing in a minimalist style with Japanese characters but beyond that I'm interested in the shoes.


Graphic art by Cameos edit by Abi, picture by @MareyLola

Multicursor - Working In Background