March 02, 2014


This week has been peacefully hectic full of stories that can only be told through the music encountered during my adventures. When you find yourself in the dirty side of East London some Grime music is bound to come creeping up on your ass... That of course and some American 'Hood-Rap' - yay. My March First playlist consists of Jhené Aiko reworked by Brixton's Mover on Pacman TV, Justin Bieber and the Afronauts thanks to @JordanPeters. Not forgetting Schoolboy Q's highly celebrated debut album, favourite song has to be Studio - slow-whine-stripper-life-type-shit lol.

Don't forget this Bape Kondomu  and others that will be added to the playlist as the week progresses.

March 1st Playlist Click Here

Multicursor - Working In Background