March 29, 2014


Sportswear styles are a great way for designers to incorporate technological fabric advances into their collections without deserting convention. The outstanding number of designers that have jumped on the trend have now helped deem sportswear less of an effortless ‘throw on’ and now, more luxe wardrobe necessity. Maybe the series of Adidas collaborations put sportswear on the map: when Stella McCartney’s involved, things are bound to get heated. But aside from this fashion only follows what our culture dictates and the flood of health freak outs has made sportswear a part of our quotidien. This mass popularisation of sporty swag is to many just a trend but in reality, it is lifestyle.

Buying into graphic-y print leggings is stupid. Leggings should only be black. But simple pieces like Nike dri-fit crops, sports bras and anything with a raglan sleeve is = good shit.

The flood of high fashion sneakers is irking me (only because of the price tag), but in more ways than one, I am wishing these super pimped out sneaker styles won’t just be part of a single collection. What I am finding most ironic is the shift in the influence of this styling. Who remembers FUBU, Adidas and Nike so deeply ingrained in Hip-Hop culture? (I was like 5 so maybe I don’t remember). But now it’s Versace, Gucci and Givenchy storming the Hip-Hop scene and the mainstream fashion scene is adopting the sports swag: interesting.

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