May 19, 2014


Some days I am thankful for the annoying and frustrating torture experience that was and is listening to my brothers talk about Shippuden something something something Naruto, but in all honesty, manga has inspired so much shit, including my obsession with Japanese culture - fabric, architecture, language etc. Having said that, this dress is the ultimate product of influence. 

I found a suitcase of throwback photos and in the midst of my mom's rant on the effort she put into hooking me up with super swag dresses, I was surprised to see a similar blue patchwork to such fabric used in this dress.

Maybe nudity should be thrown to the wheyside this summer and bitches can stay classy in almost floor length clothes? Maybe there can be more Naruto inspired clothing in the public domain? Or maybe not?

I've ranted about these shoes before and you can get them from this ebay seller curse those delivery charges. ASOS also have some cute patchwork shit (here too)and those Faustine Steimetz mohair jeans remain on my eternal #lustlist to be coveted to infinity and beyond. 

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duckalicious said...

great look from what I can see, plus I wholeheartedly support your call for classier bitches this summer! :D

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