July 09, 2014


I spend a lot of time on menswear fashion sites simply because guys have dope shit. It's like there's more of an emphasis on using hyper-futuristic fabrics or epic prints or impeccable tailoring - or maybe I just find the fabrics, prints and tailoring for men more appealing. 

If you ever have a minute in Shoreditch, find the A Child of a Jago store (re: jeans). It's just an exciting little experience, roll through. I'm wearing these in a 30/32 (too big but idgaf). Although they do have a womenswear section too, there was still that bias - sometimes I need that menswear nonchalance!

With a waterproof coating, cotton twill fabric, thick durable laces, don't be surprised to find me wearing these daily... Still wishing Oki-Ni carried all their shoes in a size 6, without doubt, it would be the 365/24/7 hotspot for shoes. 

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