July 29, 2014


Finally got to Vogue House - something that was on my London to-do-list - and after my meeting, I found myself on a sporadic voyage, before long, finding the Yohji Yamamoto store as well as the Hauser & Writh gallery displaying a fascinating colour show by Richard Jackson - exhibition closed July 26th. 

What fascinates me often the most, with many artist’s work is the use of colour. 

"When I was doing painting as a freshman in university, an older female student came and told me that I severely lacked a sense of colour," says Murakami in a 2013 interview with CNN: I guess that's what it is with me too, I don't understand colour, so seeing psychedelic colour palettes being used by artists such as Murakami is beyond fascinating.

It's a cutesy little stroll around the naturally bare and greyish space but nonetheless provocative. Paint filled tubes are melded into words - something like the LED open sign you'd find in the red light district. Meanwhile five coloured men appear to have these paint tubes entering the mouths and leaving through their rear end. The exhibition could be described as something like commentary on consumerism and the digital age - there was a mannequin making black photocopies of her punani, coloured shredded paper in a pile on the other side of her. Don't forget the clown with tits for eyes. This is so cool. I still lack a sense of colour.

Mushroom Painting #2, Takashi Murakami, 2000 Christie's New York Nov 2002

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