September 09, 2014


You’ll scroll through his SoundCloud and find a collection of carefully curated tracks so well composed that it can only be Loyle Carner.

It’s his first headline show and he explodes onto the stage with only the most heartfelt recital of his life experiences. The crowd are responsive and more, Benny Mails, Saddler the Kid and others introduce the crowd to, what I’ll call, South London's response to Digital Soul - in short, it’s a head bopping affair, ask MAX the DJ.

“Every now and then when I’m bout to drop a bar, this burp comes up and then disappears again” he’s articulate and well-versed in his field, did I mention the beat is heavy? If his EP is anything to go by, I can taste great things. Like it. A lot.

Download and stream and follow and follow and visit here.

artwork by @ethanjreeves and @abigadeo

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