August 12, 2014


It is a truly rare event for me to be utterly in awe of a fashion editorial. My last fave was Naomi Campbell (predictable) for Flaunt by David LaChapelle, but now, it is this. Rihanna graces the cover of W Magazine and arrives with the ultimate entourage - Abdulmajid and Campbell. To say the least I was mesmerised, not entirely by the masses of Balmain they are donned in but by the glamorous minimalism - a mass of earthy tones brought to life by glimmers of gold, an anthracite backdrop and life in their eyes. Shit got damn.

On the other hand, it seems the fashion industry are really rooting for this black dude heading a fashion house thing, how much you gotta pay Ri to wear your shit? It's hard to find some deeprooted info on Rousteing, he's French and kinda black and undoubtedly injecting a sharp shouldered something into the room... Let's see where this is going.

image by Emma Summerton styled by Edward Enninful

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