November 12, 2014


An integral part of Hip-Hop is the forever existing battle between female MCs. It's competition and it's been deep-rooted in the genres culture since the beginning of it's time. But at what point does this competition collide with public interest?

On Dej Loaf's track 'Try Me', she's quoted as saying "I really hate niggurs I'm a nazi", I mean, surely you can't hate black people if you're black too, but is this just Dej hating on thirsty dudes or just thoughtless words, now a Hip-Hop commonality. A week ago Nicki Minaj's people dropped the Jeff Osborne directed lyric video for 'Only' featuring similarly controversial commentary: you know, Drake the Pope, the swastika-esque Young Money logo and colours synonymous with communist Russia. It looks like we have to take our pick, it's either pussy and bitches or Nazi-inspired imagery and mind-boggling fuckery.

PS: It's been two months since my last post, what's the hold up? Inspiration... I found it!

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