January 09, 2015


Happy 2015!

It has been a minute since I last blogged my life away and it has been without good reason. Clothes are still as important as they were before and so are the cooperations that keep us ticking, but it’s boring being a member of the cast of Punch & Judy essentially doing low-down promo for big dawgs, for the same reason people work 8 hour shifts for £4.50 an hour. Besides I’m trying to get a degree some skills to make more shit and although I’m pretty much always behind my Macbook screen; I rejigged my priorities… It’s too cold for selfies. Besides all of this, the world is bigger than fashion, no matter how intelligently people try to market the marques as being in-line with socio-political events, it all seems a bit fad-esque. 

Movies, art, film and documentaries have been my life so far: as always. Below is some stuff I suggest you view, because I saw it and I loved it. My blog. I’m biased.

Love you.

this list will grow!-

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