January 11, 2015


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What is most fascinating about us, the youth of 2015, is the fact that, we have 8 billion social platforms at our fingertips and yet we have somehow managed to start the most passive of revolutions maybe of human history.

It was a Wednesday, January 7th and we were elated - we didn't have to get tickets for the Louvre - instead, we flashed our British driving licences (one pink, one green) to the admissions officers and we strolled, leisurely, through. Disappointed, like many, by the size of the Mona Lisa, we nonetheless took the necessary selfies for snapchat, instagram and facebook, then we continued our stroll: finding the Dying Slave (once again, disappointed by it's stature) and my favourite piece 'Liberty Leading the People', among others.

Upon leaving the museum, the street ahead of us was glittered with a motorcade of French Police vehicles and for a moment I was excited, reminded of the scene in the Dark Knight when Harvey Dent puts himself forward as the Batman, is taken into police custody and escorted by the police to Gotham City's police station, while The Joker pulled out a bazuka among other instruments to attack the vehicle.

We've been spoilt by the vibrant nature of LCD and HD screens etc.... The Renaissance in reality didn't cut it, but Jeff Koons had us stimulated. We dribbled at the high-shine and porno and ironic advertisement. Then at once, were evermore elated at the discovery of Wi-Fi.

"I hope u r not where they killed pple"

A text from my mother appears on my phone and I google, as is only natural, the word 'Paris'.

In a few moments, 12 people were shot dead for expression. Expression we had just spent the day ooh'ing and aah'ing at. Well.

Maybe this is the reason for the passiveness of our revolution. Maybe anything too vibrant will get you killed, silenced.

The next morning the local newsagent was swarmed with 'Libération' banners, the window pane plastered with national and international newspapers.

"Je Suis Charlie. La Liberté Assassinée."

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