June 25, 2014


Sometimes I enjoy finding myself entrapped in the beauty of someone else’s something. The past few months it’s been Matisse’s work. Namely ‘La Vague’. Aside from the fact that you can’t help but be mad at him, I mean he made a career by sticking paper… You can’t help but find yourself lost in the meaning behind his work. I just love the serigraph, #ugh.

The main lesson to learn from the most inspiring people of the world is that it’s not enough to have an idea, to feel something, to like something, to want something, execution is key. 

You may see me dragging my faux leather tote around like it’s a dog on a leash, but when I say I love this bag, I love it. 

Obviously inspired by one of the greatest brands in the world (I’m biased), this tote was the product of a couple hours behind my machine. I always thought, I could make a tote bag but that’s a weightless statement until it’s actually made. The straps need fray block or maybe need to be made thinner and hemmed and I would probably add a few pockets to add to the functionality of this super epic bag (I’m biased).

Following up from my tweet to @andotherstories, here’s what’s in the bag!
This was one piece from the haul of stuff I got from &OtherStories. This particular knit was in the sale but in case you missed my Céline-lustlist-rant, I am in love with these lines and it’s navy blue - #tickingboxes.

My pants were my creation. It’s always a proud mom moment when people ask you where your pants are from at work… I will totally be taking orders for them - it’s only fair seeing as this fabric is epic, the design is epic and you won’t find this style anywhere: trust me, I searched.

Now you too, go forth and create.

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