June 12, 2014


In my artsy days, I loved working with colour pastels. It was so easy to blend colours and create images in seconds - not literally, that shit took time. They were like the step-up from colouring pencils, but they were the step-up, adding texture to images was a breeze: I can't tell you how many flowers I coloured. But then there was the irritating smudge... Your hand is resting in that area with blue blended into dark green, you move your hand upwards and suddenly the area where the pink and the white and turquoise is, is ruined. Fuck you pastels: I know it was my fault, but still, fuck you... No, I still haven't learnt my lesson.

There has always been something alluring about pastel colours. Something demure and understated that was also distinctly noticeable and always evoked a similar sort of feeling. And now it's everywhere, so we'll discuss.

Ingvild Abrahamsen

I spent a few hours gawping at this design, probably because it ticked all the fabric lustlist boxes that made me enter my computer screen and feeeel this beauty. This is the kind of grown up use of pastels that is so big-kid friendly that little-kids have to love it too. We're presented with an emphatically homme friendly silhouette in beige tones and powder blue. Don't forget the dolphins giving the black a dose of life and reminding me that I still haven't swam with dolphins... I was actually spurred to write this post by an email from ASOS about the Ariel Sweatshirt, isn't it darling...

This is the part where I explain to you how much more I love menswear because no matter how boring or basic or exciting it is, it will always have the air of the revolutionary, men and fashion? Computer says no. I'm talking shit now.

Shaun Samson

I really liked the Shaun Samson swag. I imagined a hoodlum rolling around in pink and I realised this must all be the influence of Cam'ron. The organza and glitter suggests a delicateness that's juxtaposed by the tailored shapes, I mean these are essentially super fancy dress shirts. (Speaking of glitter, my RihRih rant is on my Tumblr, it comes from a good place in my heart.) 

Pictures by Coco Capitán and styling by Laura Vartiainen x Quentin De Wispelaere from DazedDigital.

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