January 18, 2015


This trip was the ultimate definition of three days well spent and the best way to kick off 2015. Sometimes it is just totally necessary to hop on a train to another country. First stop, Arc de Triomphe and the progression of retailers on Champs Elysées (Oxford Street lol). PS: +Sephora, why are you still not in England?

It seems Paris has something against Tuesdays though, stumbling upon Galerie Laurent Strouk (closing as we entered), a number of other galleries just didn't open...(?) We still got a good dose of Keith Haring though. Meanwhile French hoes treat me like Charles de Gaulle...

Check in at Hotel LaDemeure was at 3pm, et voila. The hotel didn't disappoint, complete with the Parisian windows and street views, as well as super maja decor: and the shower was heaven... By this point in the day I realised that I had never before so much valued the opportunity to kick off my vans and chill. (Still wishing I counted how many miles walked across Paris.)

Ana M was meant to be the place for dinner but during our stay in Paris, they didn't open.... *insertsadfaces*,  so it was a Parisian café type of evening, baguettes and hot chocolate - because ynot. Then back to central Paris for the Eiffel and yes, we caught the glitter show - and I've since been wondering how many lights the Tower is rigged with.

The next morning's fog was banter though - two thirds of the Eiffel was invisible -nonetheless, Hotel breakfast gave us enough energy to think we could climb the Eiffel stairs - the leg pain was real lol.

Next on the list was the Louvre. If you're heading to any other galleries, this should be your first stop. Starting a gallery hop at the Louvre will help you cover enough ground to understand the sociopolitical impact of whatever other art you'll be gawping at. Beware The Louvre is not the type of place you take in with a single breath, considering the fact that it is one of the worlds largest museums. Read my JeSuisCharlie story.

Stay tuned for the rest of Paris.

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